Cheapest drop shipping and wholesale suppliers

Here we present to you the cheapest drop shipping and wholesale suppliers for your online store. Are you ready?

You want to sell products online. You want to start your small online business with a low budget. You don’t have enough space or a warehouse to stock your products. No worries! These dropshipping suppliers will do all the job for you. You only need to integrate them in your store. Below, we listed the best, quality proven, experienced, cheapest and lowest suppliers just for you.

The below suppliers are recommended for your online business and they were chosen with the following considerations:

  • They offer the best prices in order that you can have or start a business with low startup costs and make good profits.
  • They can ship all over the world to enable you to cater to international customers.
  • They are considered the largest e-commerce wholesale companies that ships and offer comprehensive products where you can choose a variety of products to sell including toys, office supplies, trendy clothing, tech products, and many more. (Topical products will be a separate suppliers as most of these wholesale suppliers only supply the specific product.)
  • They are wholesalers and at the same time they also offer drop-shipping services and can ship products direct to your customer, thus, saves your time and you don’t need to do inventory. All you do is to pay the product and give instructions to ship directly to your customer.

1. is one of the biggest B2B international dropshipping company and one of many online seller’s favourite distributor that ship products around the world and known to offer the cheapest discounted price even buying only 1 pc as compared to wholesale price. They mostly owned the products they sell and also have a warehouse in the United States. In order to get products from them, you need to create an account on their website. You can choose from hundreds to thousands of products per category (from electronics, computer and phone parts, to men’s and women’s wear, beauty products, all kinds of toys, robotics, and many more) and all details are provided including their wholesale/ resellers price. You can also check their best seller and Amazon’s favorite products. They can directly ship the product to your customer using the dropshipping instruction or you may opt to ship to your own address. I made a screenshots on sample products that you maybe interested in. You can browse all others in their website.

DHgate sample dropshipping products

One of Chinabrands’ Amazon sellers favourite products

DHgate sample dropshipping products
DHgate sample dropshipping products
DHgate sample dropshipping products
Chinabrands sample dropshipping products

2. is another dropshipping (wholesale) company that ships products around the world and a home to wholesalers and direct distributor companies. They have thousands of products to choose from and you can sort them by lowest price, by customer review, or their best selling products. If you buy in bulk purchase, the lower the price. To order, one needs to register in their website and follow the ordering instructions provided. You can also message the supplier for any instructions either you want to ship the product to your adress or to your customer address directly. It’s all up to your choice. I also made a screenshot of their sample products of your interest. 

DHgate sample dropshipping products
DHgate sample dropshipping products

Kids’ toys and tech

DHgate sample dropshipping products
DHgate sample dropshipping products


This is another B2B company that accepts dropshipping and wholesale price. This is owned by one of the biggest wholesale platform, I was not able to sign in their website but it says it has million products to choose from. You can choose any product of your choice and can compare wholesalers’ price to choose the cheapest price. You can do dropship by signing in their website. Here are just few of the many products at wholesale prices.

Aliexpress sample dropshipping products
Aliexpress sample dropshipping products

The above 3 companies are considered the biggest and where you can find the cheapest prices that someone needs to start a business at low startup costs. I have also included here other companies that do dropship but for specific products only.


If you are looking for high tech electronic products and kids’ toys, Doba offers these products at wholesale price and offers dropship. Sign in to their website to see more than 2 million products to choose from.

Suppliers for Topicals:

1. Professor Sasquatch Hemp CBD Skincare

Professor Sasquatch has formulated a unique line of wholesale Hemp CBD Topical skincare products that give fast-acting & long-lasting relief that soothes without numbing or any other adverse effects. Fast shipping, excellent quality & high profits. 

2. Natural Partners

They offer prices range from $12 to $50. They also offer free shipping for orders more than $250. They offer brands such as Ayush Herbs, Herb Pharm, Professional Formulas, Results RNA, Well-In-Hand Topical ProRemedies, and Wise Woman Herbals.

3. Bargain Wholesale

If you’re looking into really cheap and good prices, try Bargain Wholesale. They have warehouses in Houston and Los Angeles and can ship nationwide. Their prices are as low as less than $1 for ointments, petroleum jelly and creams.

This supplier also have stationeries/ office supplies at a really good prices. Check it here

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