Online Event Ticketing Revenues And Trends in South Africa

Insights: South Africa’s online event tickets market size (based on revenues) in 2018 was valued at about $245 million while it was $282 in 2019. South Africa’s online event tickets market is expected to reach $ million by 2023 growing at % year-by-year.

About this report: From our market research of the online event ticketing services in South Africa, you will be able to understand the current market value or size, it’s annual growth trend and projected value. You will be able to realize the competition landscape and the pricing model of each competitors–Computicket, Webtickets, Quicket, iTickets, Ticketpro and Red21.

South Africa’s online event tickets market research requirements

1. What is the market size and revenue from event ticket sales? 

2. Who are the major players and what’s their market shares? 

3. What are their prices/services fees they charge for selling tickets through their platform? 

4. What are the projections in this market? 

Note: South Africa focus.

South Africa’s online event tickets market overview

South Africa’s online events ticketing market size (based on revenues) in 2018 was valued at about $245 million while it will be $282 this 2019. The market is expected to reach $ million by 2023 growing at xx% year-by-year.

Online event tickets revenues in South Africa

The current users count at x.x million and expected to reach xx.xx users by 2023 at an annual growth rate of x.x%.

Number of South African online ticket events users in millions

Of the total events, the music events holds the largest share at xx%, amounting to about $ million, followed by sports events at about xx% and cinema tickets at xx% of the market.

(Chart for online event ticket revenue by segment in South Africa provided in the report.)

According to the latest reports, Computicket dominates the South African event ticketing market with about xx% market share while Ticketpro, Quicket, Webtickets and others get the remaining shares.

South Africa online ticket events key players market share


To determine the data pertaining to the event ticketing market in South Africa, we scoured through various statistics and databases from government websites, industry reports, market research publications, company websites, press releases, and news articles. While all companies operating in this sector are all privately-held, thus, restrained us from pulling actual data specifically on revenues and pricing models, we used deep internet searching to curate related data and statistics. Below, we presented our detailed findings.


South Africa is considered as the largest and most affluent markets in the African region. The country’s ecommerce sales is expected to grow to $4.7 billion by 2021. While entertainment and media is the leading category in the ecommerce market, event ticketing was also driving the growth of the online market in the country. 

Currently, the revenue of the online event tickets segment in South Africa amounts to $282 million in 2019 and anticipated to grow annually by xx.x%. By 2023, the revenue value of the online event ticketing will be about $xxx million. The music events currently holds the largest revenue share with a market volume of $xxx million, more than xx% share of the country’s total online event ticketing, followed by sports event at about xx% share, and cinema tickets at xx%.

Online event ticketing revenues in South Africa

[Calculations are provided in the report]

  • 2018 = $ million
  • 2019 = $ million
  • 2020 = $ million
  • 2021 = $ million
  • 2022 = $ million
  • 2023 = $ million

South Africa currently has 57.88 million people and about xx% of the total population use online events ticketing platforms for their tickets. The number currently stands at x million and is expected to grow x% year-by-year.

Number of South Africa’s online ticketing event users

[Calculations are provided in the report]

  • 2019 = x million
  • 2020 = x million
  • 2021 = x million
  • 2022 = x million
  • 2023 = x million

Globally, the online event ticketing was valued at $67.99 billion in 2017 and growing annually at 4.8%.


South Africa’s event ticketing is dominated by one company, Computicket. According to a report, the company dominates the market for more than four decades since its incorporation in 1971. It controlled more than xx% of the South African ticketing market and a xx% market share for outsourced ticketing services for entertainment events.

According to Blue Label Telecoms, Ticketpro is South Africa’s second largest ticketing company. Ticketpro’s estimated annual revenue is $ million. Its market share is calculated to be x% of the total online event ticketing. In 2016, it was reported that “Ticketpro sold x million event tickets for 63 venues [which] almost double the number of tickets of the year before that, and amounts to a revenue increase of 34%.” 

Other notable players in the local market are Nutickets, Quicket, Tixsa,  iTickets, and Webtickets. All these companies are privately-held with $ million annual revenues. Each has x% market shares.

A new player in the market, Via system which was designed by Red61, was also reportedly disrupting the market by offering innovative multi-platform ticketing system developed specifically for arts festival events.


In the report, we’ve presented each competitor’s pricing model and fees.

Computicket pricing

(Provided in the report.)

Webtickets pricing

(Provided in the report.)

Quicket Service Fee / Commission

(Provided in the report.)


(Provided in the report.)


(Provided in the report.)


(All sources and references are provided in the report.)

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Online Event Tickets Market Size And Trends in South Africa

SCOPE OF THE REPORT: - MARKET SIZE AND REVENUES FROM ONLINE EVENT TICKET SALES INCLUDING GROWTH RATE AND PROJECTED VALUE - Online event tickets sale scope - Current and projected annual online event ticketing revenues in South Africa - Number of South African online ticketing event users - MAJOR PLAYERS AND THEIR MARKET SHARES - SERVICE FEES - Include all references and graphs


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