I Quit My Job As A Full Time Engineer, Now I’m A Freelancer. Here’s Why.

Quitting my job after graduating from the university was the last thing on my mind. Who in their right mind would think the same, right? After all the sleepless nights of doing projects, research papers, preparing for exams and then graduating, we finally get a paid job and are excited to be in the corporate world. This is it! This is what we dreamed of! And now we’re here. But why would I quit my job and commence freelancing?

From a full time job to freelancing

A Little Of My Background

I finished my Civil Engineering Degree in one of the universities in the Philippines. Before quitting my job, I worked as a Design Engineer for about 5 years. I was happy doing a traditional 8 to 5 job with lots of overtime.

Upon searching for more opportunities, I decided to work overseas and applied for an engineering position with an oil and gas company in Malaysia, where I worked for another 8 years. It was better than previous jobs, but truthfully, I never really enjoyed any of it. It was during this time that I start questioning and looking for a deeper fulfillment in life.

If you are someone who has searched “quit my job” or “freelancing” in hopes of finding encouraging stories of people who quit their job to follow their passion, then this article story is for you.

Struggles: To Quit Or Not To Quit

I have everything. The company provided me with a nice house, a fully maintained car, a mobile phone, allowances and very good pay with benefits. In return, I had to work full-time, including working 24-hours if need be.

I never started out unhappy at any job that I tried. I was well paid, the work was interesting, and I liked working with engineers. They are generally laid back and smart people.

But over time the discontentment grew. I thought the problem was with the particular job, or the company. Something just wasn’t sitting right with me. I loved my job and the benefits I was receiving but I was married to it 24/7. Eventually I decided to take a break from my engineering work and the decision to do so completely opened my eyes. I had been constantly working 50 to 60 hours a week. My life revolved around my work and the feeling was suffocating.

I wanted more than just working and coming home exhausted only to repeat the same routine the next day. I was not experiencing the quality of life that I once had, so I decided to tend my resignation letter and booked my plane ticket home.

Against All Odds?

“Oh it’s a millennial thing”, they said! “Why quit your job when many people are dreaming of what you are getting,” they said. “It is hard to get good jobs nowadays.” “Think twice.” These were the words I constantly hear after I quit my job.

Thankfully my family was supportive and they haven’t say anything negative about my decision.

Becoming A Freelance Research Analyst

I am a researcher. It’s in my nature. I am an introvert and I love to read, write, and discover new things.

I began to search the internet looking for jobs I could do online. To become a freelancer, you need to sign up to various platforms, take exams and wait for the results.

I was accepted as a Trial Research Analyst, on one of the secondary research firms, based in the United States. What I love about this job is it’s a freelance job. You can work at your designated time and you have the choice to cancel jobs anytime. As a beginner, a lot of my work got rejected from my reviewers and my ratings kept going down. Chances are, if I get low ratings, I would not be prioritized to get jobs.

To begin with, this was very discouraging but I continue to persevere learning more and more as I progress. The passion for my job is continuing to grow and I am loving the free time it is giving me. The pay? To begin with, my earnings drastically reduced compared to my salary as a full-time Engineer, not even half of it. But who cares? I still earned enough to pay my bills.

Still, I scrolled for hours on job boards, trying to find another full-time role that felt like the right move for me. I applied to a few, but as I interviewed, I knew nothing was the right fit. Unfortunately, I rarely listen to my intuition.

After two years with the same research firm, I then decided to sign up to one of the top freelancing platforms in the world–Fiverr! I set up my account, put up a professional profile and made it very simple with straight-forward information describing what I can offer. I immediately started getting orders from clients all over the world, receiving positive reviews.

Market research freelancer at Fiverr

What I like about Fiverr is that I can be a seller (selling my services) and at the same time I can be a buyer (customer). For example, I could buy a logo design services at just $5 or hire someone to fix my website SEO at $10!

What Now?

I’ve been doing it for a year now and I am getting jobs everyday that sometimes I have to cancel or decline some as I limit my workloads. On a side note, I created a website (yes, I am the owner of this website) and published some of my work here which is free to download or read while others can be purchased for as low as $5 for a complete market research report. The money collected are used to help vulnerable children.

Helping out vulnerable children

With millions of children suffering from hunger, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, child abuse, and child labor, we created this service to help these children. And yes, that is one thing I am passionate about, doing mission works.

Can I do that if I am in a full-time job? No.

Aside from that, I am also passionate about plants and I could take care of them in my free time. I can do my freelance job even if I am at the beach–one of my favorite place on earth!

The benefits of freelancing

Few Words For Those Reading This

Do what you love. Do what you are passionate about. We only live once in this world and why not live it in such ways that satisfies your soul. You maybe have a different story from mine but what is important is that we know the purpose of our life and we are doing it to bless others and gives fulfillment to us.

Thank you for reading my story. My name is Annabelle.

Written by A. P. Tomas and edited by Darren Corbett, 13 May 2020

You are a small business owner. You are just starting your business. You need a website. You need an accountant. You need a software engineer. You need a virtual assistant. You have a low startup cost. You need people so that your business will grow.

3 thoughts on “I Quit My Job As A Full Time Engineer, Now I’m A Freelancer. Here’s Why.

  1. Such an inspiring story from a strong and dedicated woman like you..yes I always hear the phrase we only live once but sometimes we dont get to use the most of it by exploring what we can do.now I am more motivated to do what I loved to do..thank you for sharing


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