How Do Publishers Generate Revenues From Ad Networks Such As Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain, and TrafficJunky

In this article, we have provided findings on how publishers–as opposed to direct advertisers–generates revenues from partnering with some of ad networks such as Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain, and TrafficJunky.

Demographics And Psychographics Of Customer Experience Managers And Leaders

The typical senior-level person working in customer experience in the United States is a female of an average age of 43.7. She is a Business major graduate and has an average annual income of between $116,803 and $198,573. She is of the White race and comes from the states of California, Wisconsin, Oregon, and New York. Also, these employees will most likely have LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Demographics And Psychographics Of Marketing Decision Makers, Managers and Leaders

A typical senior-level marketing person in the United States is 42 years old, white male that earns between $94,110 to $180,070 annually, has a Bachelor’s degree major in Business Management, and is located in states like Illinois and California. The demographic profile of a typical senior-level marketing decision-maker in the US can be found below.

Photography Services, Portrait and Commercial, generated annual revenue of $36 billion

Insight: The global photography services, covering portrait and commercial, was valued at $36.15 billion in 2018. This industry is expected to grow annually by 5% globally. Other relevant statistics and market size can be found below. Photography Services Market Research Requirements Market research on the photography services with the following scope:  1) Determine the possible numberContinue reading “Photography Services, Portrait and Commercial, generated annual revenue of $36 billion”


What TAM stands for? How can I know the total addressable market (TAM) for my company? How is TAM different with serviceable available market (SAM) and serviceable obtainable market (SOM)? How to calculate TAM SAM SOM and your market? What is the TAM SAM SOM formula for a startup? How is TAM related to the potential market? What is market size or sizing? Is there a template for TAM? Do I need TAM for my pitch deck?

Budget travel average daily rate in major cities in the world

The budget travel average daily rate in major cities in the world greatly differs for each city. For example, the average cost of overnight accommodation in New York was $154 while in Los Angeles was $182.25, in San Francisco is around $276.43, and about $121 in London. 1. Budget Travel – Average Daily Rate –Continue reading “Budget travel average daily rate in major cities in the world”

Australian Professional Lending Services Market Size

TOTAL LOANS TO BUSINESSES IN AUSTRALIA The total lending value to businesses (seasonally adjusted) in Australia is AUD 31,833 million. The commercial finance value of the total lending to business value in Australia is AUD 31,261 million. Similarly, the total value in the lease finance category is AUD 572 million. No further segmentation of theContinue reading “Australian Professional Lending Services Market Size”

General Practitioner Clinics in Australia

Insights: There are 8,065 general practitioner clinics in Australia. Every year, 87.8% of the Australian population visits a general practitioner clinic. Of the 35,934 general practitioners in Australia, 90.1% work in accredited clinics. General Practitioner Clinics Overview The 2017 MedicineInsight Report states there are 8,065 general practitioner clinics in Australia. Every year, 87.8% of theContinue reading “General Practitioner Clinics in Australia”

Luxury Cruise Industry Market Size and SWOT Analysis

The luxury cruise industry is projected to rapidly expand within the next decade. However, the industry as a whole is sensitive to bad publicity. In 2017, the estimated market size of the luxury cruise industry was $25.8 million. Below, we discussed our SWOT analysis of the luxury cruise industry in more detail.