Demographics And Psychographics Of Customer Experience Managers And Leaders

The typical senior-level person working in customer experience in the United States is a female of an average age of 43.7. She is a Business major graduate and has an average annual income of between $116,803 and $198,573. She is of the White race and comes from the states of California, Wisconsin, Oregon, and New York. Also, these employees will most likely have LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Demographics And Psychographics Of Marketing Decision Makers, Managers and Leaders

A typical senior-level marketing person in the United States is 42 years old, white male that earns between $94,110 to $180,070 annually, has a Bachelor’s degree major in Business Management, and is located in states like Illinois and California. The demographic profile of a typical senior-level marketing decision-maker in the US can be found below.


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Most successful and top freelance and job marketplaces

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