Social Housing Market Analysis and Trends in England

Main market: Social housing in EnglandScope of the research includes the following: Social housing market trends Predictions around funding including general needs and supported housing Also any trends or predictions on homelessness What the predictions are regarding social housing in the near and more distant future Any other relevant statistics SUMMARYIn this research, we defineContinue reading “Social Housing Market Analysis and Trends in England”

Top Business Intelligence Companies: Competitive Analysis

Here we compiled and list down 13 leading business intelligence companies and have identified their products, initial product differentiation, their sales strategy, timeline of venture capital fundraising and revenue, their notable success and failures, and the number of their exits, if any. The key companies analyzed here are Tableau, Domo, Mode Analytics, Statsbot, Birst, LogiAnalytics, Izenda, Pentaho, Sisense, Alteryx, Periscope, and Looker.

Global Predictive Maintenance Market

Predictive Maintenance Market Analysis: Market Size, TAM, By Industry, Market Trends, Adoption, Others SUMMARY AND OVERVIEW Accordingly, the new approach of predictive maintenance is the use of sensors or based around the collection of data from a wide range of sensors, building a statistical model that can identify potential failures before they happen. Globally, thisContinue reading “Global Predictive Maintenance Market”

Global bedroom music production market size

Market research of the following scope: The market size for bedroom music production. How much services like BeatStars and Airbit are making in revenue, how many users they have and what their market size is. How much of the song like “old time road” by lil nas x makes in royalty and mechanical payouts. AllContinue reading “Global bedroom music production market size”

Global agile retrospective market analysis

Market size, growth and projected value Research requirements: We are building an Agile retrospective product. Retrospective is part of an Agile development process. Team at the end of the development cycle meet and review what has gone well and what can be improved. The idea is about the continuous improvement. Almost all companies at thisContinue reading “Global agile retrospective market analysis”